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Dr Matt O’Keeffe has been a Dr of Chiropractic since the end of 2002. Having worked mainly in Queensland, he has experience in running both his own chiropractic and x-ray clinics; as well as also working as a locum at many large and successful practices spanning from Brisbane to Noosa. Dr Matt is very results driven, likes to see his patients get out of pain fast and maintain their health as optimally as possible. His interest in chiropractic developed along side an extensive range of sporting pursuits most influential of which was Martial arts. Along with his sporting interests, injuries occurred, and as he advanced in his Kung Fu training, Dr Matt’s interest in alternative therapies grew. Wanting to know what would treat the injuries to return hisself and his colleges to good health, this became an obsession. The need then to maintain optimal health from a structural perspective lead Dr Matt in the direction of chiropractic, and consequently starting a journey to be a chiropractor at university began.

Dr Matt also knows from personal experience how serious injuries can impact your life, stopping you in your tracts, being given a “sorry you will have to just live with it now” story from the specialist. At the beginning of 2001 he woke up in an Intensive Care Unit having been viciously mugged, suffering a fractured skull and 3 brain haemorrhages. When you don’t see a king hit from behind you, your life can change overnight.  He was told that he would never be a chiropractor and the previous 5 years of chiropractic study at university had been wasted.

At that point Dr Matt had the option to either give up or fight. He chose to fight, which led to 12 months of intensive chiropractic rehab, sometimes being adjusted 2-3 times a week, over a period of months. Rehabilitation exercises and brain gym exercises became his life. His vertigo started to settle, headaches diapered, he regained his balance, and his memory began to improve again. Dr Matt went back to university, passed his board exam and finished his degree.

Dr Matt has been a chiropractor ever since and has enjoyed helping those who have the desire to pursue a healthier way of life through chiropractic and achieve their goals, whatever the obstacle.

“I look forward to treating you!”
– Matt O’Keeffe


  • Undergraduate studies in Biomedical Science at the University of Queensland in 2008;
  • Postgraduate Masters in Chiropractic at Macquarie University;
  • Winning his graduate year’s award for Clinical Internship.

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